Is there any medication for breast growth?

One of the questions that’s on many women’s minds is “Is there any medication for breast growth?” We get asked that question a lot and it begs to be answered. We assume you are asking if there any pharmaceutical drug that a woman can take that will make her breasts larger. The answer to this is no, there is no FDA approved medicine for breast growth that you can take that’s made by a large drug company and has gone through rigorous testing and trials. Perhaps in the near future something will come along that will replace the need for breast implant surgery, but today is not that day.

Why isn’t there any medication for breast growth?

It’s unknown why there isn’t a drug that’s being manufactured that would be considered medication for breast growth. Men have Rogaine and Viagra and women get left with birth control pills and OTC yeast infection treatments. Apparently science is hard at work creating female Viagra but no one seems to be rushing to find a cure for smaller breasts. Most likely, behind the scenes one of the drug companies is researching ways to grow breasts that doesn’t make women feel as if they are just toying with nature. Scientists already have medicines that induce a woman into a state of lactation, but they are probably seeking out a better way to make medication for breast growth.

What’s popped up in place of medication for breast growth are lousy herbal products from lousy companies that do their best to stay unknown and create garbage marketed as a natural cure for breast enlargement. It’s a big problem with no real answer other than educating women on the dangers of taking rare and exotic herbs in an attempt to produce breast milk and make breasts larger in this manner. Not only do these herbal pills (not medication for breast growth) tinker with mother nature and fool the body into lactating even when a woman isn’t pregnant, but they also work by building up in the system until they reach a level of effectiveness. A woman has no choice but to keep this level of herbs in her body or she will see her results diminish as these plant extracts dissipate from the body.

medication for breast growth

What we do is make sure to debunk all of these herbal remedies and keep a lookout on anything new that hits the market. We’ve made it our mission to step in and try and put a stop to all of the money that women are wasting on these shoddy products. We’ve also extended a challenge to any medication for breast growth company out there that is making claims that their product is natural, and effective, to show the data that supports this. So many times they make outrageous claims and use before and after pictures that are obviously of women that had breast implant surgery. In all other cases it’s just a Photoshop job. And there’s never any research or facts to prove anything. Someone had to put a stop to it.

Many women are eagerly awaiting medication for breast growth so that they won’t need to have surgery performed. This is either due to the high cost of surgery or the avoidance of the pain involved in the procedure. Eventually medical science will reach a point where every physical malady is curable by a pill, but unfortunately that day is not today for women seeking a remedy for their small chest.

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Is there any medication for breast growth?


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