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Taking medication for breast enlargement is a path that many women take in order to grow their breasts without the need for surgery. The problem is that the things on the market labeled medicine or herbal supplement can be dangerous when taken in the dosages recommended on the labels. Some women ask if there is a pharmaceutical drug that is approved by the FDA that will enlarge their breasts, and unfortunately at this time the answer is no. Will there be a medication for breast enlargement that will be developed by one of the major drug companies? Here’s hoping.

Medication for Breast Enlargement – What’s Available

Since there isn’t a medication for breast enlargement that’s approved and regulated by any governing body, there are companies out there that are trying to fill this void in the market. They get around FDA approval by creating herbal supplements that they claim are all natural. The plant extracts that they use have been shown to create more milk during lactation, and to induce a lactating state in non-pregnant women. All this does is fill the breast with unneeded milk which makes the breasts larger and more taut. Not every woman responds the same way to these herbs. Some might see good results, others might see none, and still others might see marginal results.

There’s also the placebo effect when referring to medication for breast enlargement. Women desire larger breasts so badly that they will take the pills and rub on the creams and believe that their breasts are bigger when in actuality they aren’t. The other consideration for medication for breast enlargement is that once a woman stops taking the herbs she will lose any results she has experienced. The herbs only work as long as their in the body’s system. Once you remove the cause of enlarged bosom, they’ll return back to their original size.

medication for breast enlargement

If you’ve read some of our other posts you will know that we do not recommend taking medication for breast enlargement at this point in time. We strongly believe that taking these pills could cause serious damage to your system over the long term and that you shouldn’t treat your body, organs, and hormones as toys that you can play with to get a frivolous desired result.

Women should avoid taking unknown herbs as a substitute for medication for breast enlargement. The companies that produce them are largely unknown, no research has been done on them, no one is there to monitor the products that they are producing. They are not concerned with whether or not their product works for you or not, and they invest no money into researching the stuff they make. You wouldn’t buy food from a company like this, so why trust them with something that will go into your body as well.

Our role here is to wait for a medication for breast enlargement that comes from a respectable company and produces results without tinkering with a woman’s hormones and trying to psyche out mother nature. As new products hit the market we will evaluate them, weigh the different reviews, research the company and see if they are legit, and analyze the ingredients to see if they are putting potentially harmful things into their products.

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This page functions best as a social community of women looking to enhance their breasts without surgery. If you’ve had a good or a bad experience with a specific medication for breast enlargement, please share it with the rest of us so we can all benefit from what you know. If you have any questions about medicine for breast enlargement, including those on its safety and effectiveness, one of our staff will answer it same day. You can also feel free to voice your opinion on the breast enlargement industry itself, and say whether you feel women are going to far in the name of beauty or not. This will help provide a thoughtful and thorough discussion on medication for breast enlargement.

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