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Unfortunately, many women are being sucked into the hype and marketing of a product called Breast Success. This amounts to nothing more than snake oil of the olden days. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that many women feel insecure about their bust size. The desire is so strong that it makes for easy victims in this over-hype, under-deliver scenario. There are so many women that would like to have work done on their breasts, but either can’t afford it, or are two scared to have it done.

Of course Breast Success would seem to be a miracle in a bottle if it actually did the things it says it will do in its pitch pages. And most assuredly, some day there will be a tried and true way to get bigger breasts out of a pill that you swallow. But that day is not today, and Breast Success is not the magic it claims itself to be.

Breast Success: What We Know

Everyone wants to get in on the Breast Success game. Even Amazon is selling this stuff. It’s surprising that they would carry something like this, especially after one of the reviews says they are shipping out expired medication. The company is claiming that the Breast Success pills are still good two years after the expiration date. This begs the question, why not just accurately date their expiration. It makes no sense to put a meaningless expiration date.

There are obviously some shills on the reviews that are giving the product 5 stars and saying that they saw results the first week. Why bother saying things like that when the product itself says to wait 3 weeks before seeing results. Reviews you can trust are the ones that say they’ve been using the product for a month with no results. All you’re buying when you buy Breast Success is a sugar pill and a placebo. If you want bigger breasts bad enough and are taking a pill in order to see them grow, you’ll do your best to try and see any improvement, in an attempt to get your money’s worth.

The problem in their claims is that they make this seem like it’s a workable alternative to surgery. There is no way that they can expect people to take their pills every day for years and years in order to maintain any sort of results. That would be far more dangerous than having surgery performed because these pills are not regulated by the FDA and there’s no long-term study that’s been done that shows what kind of effect Breast Success pills will have on the body when taken in doses every day for years. Once the body recovers from surgery, there’s no need to worry about the damage you are doing to yourself each day.

If a person sees any sort of results from taking this product, and they’re actually measurable, it will absolutely be an inflated effect that comes from overloading the females hormones that make your breasts enlarge during lactation. Once you stop taking the pills your breasts will return to their original size, much like a man’s hair recedes back to it’s balding state once he stops taking the hair growth potion. The only difference is that’s a topical solution and this is something you ingest, making Breast Success more dangerous.

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