Breast Growth Drugs

Many women turn to breast growth drugs as an alternative to surgery. Perhaps they don’t want to go through the pain involved with getting breast implants, or maybe it’s the cost that turns them away. Breast growth drugs will not give you the same results as getting breast implants will, and many of these drugs are untested and unregulated. Yet women keep turning to them as a potential quick fix for less than perfect breasts.

Breast Growth Drugs: Why They Exist

Every product out there exists to fill a need. There has to be a market for it or else companies wouldn’t bother making it. In the case of breast growth drugs, it’s very easy to realize why there are so many different products, and why each one is less than effective. There is a hungry market of women who are convinced that their breasts don’t measure up to what men want. Either through all of the models in magazines and television advertising, movies, and celebrity gossip photos, today’s women are bombarded with unrealistic portrayals of what a bust size should be.

Many of today’s actresses have gotten work done and increased their breast size using one or any number of surgical techniques. It’s gotten so commonplace that many young girls and even older women now believe that these celebrities are just born with these breasts. Then they look at their own chests and feel inadequate. Not having the money that a celebrity has, or fearing the painful recovery of surgery, they turn to a cheap and easy fix: breast growth drugs.

But why aren’t there any breast growth drugs out there that can actually grow bigger breasts without the need for implants? Hasn’t medical science advanced to the point where we can now fix most of our problems with pills? The answer is a complicated one, but is worth looking into. It’s a similar question to wondering why there aren’t flying cars and jet packs. The future is coming, it’s just not here yet. Breast growth drugs companies are diligently working on products that can increase the size of your breasts, they just haven’t gotten it right yet. This is similar to the hair growth companies for men. Instead of waiting until they have a product that works for every woman, every time, for every situation, they are releasing products that might work for some women, with certain situations, some of the time.

Even when these products produce any sort of results, the effects are only temporary. This is because these breast growth drugs rely on a constant and steady stream of medicine being delivered to the hormones that are producing the effects. Your body is complicated and has many different hormones. You don’t want to try to game the system by introducing these high potency herbs and other synthetic chemicals into your body. No long term studies have been conducted on any of these breast growth drugs and you are leaving your health in the hands of unscrupulous companies that only care about profit and making more and more money.

Do yourself a favor and avoid any and all breast growth drugs. Either opt for surgery, do natural exercises that can improve your appearance, or learn to love the breasts you have.

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This page functions best as a social community of women who have used breast growth drugs, or who are thinking about using them. If you’ve had a good or a bad experience with specific breast growth drugs, please share it. Your information could help other women avoid the same mistake. Also, if you have any questions left about breast growth drugs, you can ask them here, and one of our staff will answer it the same day. You can also feel free to sound off on breast enhancement industry itself, and say whether you feel these companies are good or evil by nature. This will help provide a well-rounded discussion on breast growth drugs.

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