Breast Gain Plus

You may have heard about Breast Gain or Breast Gain Plus and wondered what it was. Many women have searched to see if this is the answer they have been looking for. Breast Gain Plus is the manufacturer of Breast Actives, a product that categorically does not work. It has horrible ratings and reviews, and only still exists out of the desperate hope of women out there that want a quick fix out of a bottle. Don’t be fooled by anything you read about Breast Gain Plus, whether it be a glowing review, a testimonial, or pseudo-scientific charts and graphs proving their product’s effectiveness.

Breast Gain Plus

You can’t get too mad at Breast Gain Plus, they are just trying to make a buck. They don’t seem to mind all of the lousy ratings and reviews they get from people using their products. They are giving the public what it wants. A promise in pill form. The only thing to take issue with is the guarantees they make and the results they promise women. Of course they include enough fine print not to get sued, and have disclaimers all over the website saying that nothing they say should be taken as gospel. As a consumer, this is the sort of company your mother warned you about.

The other thing that makes Breast Gain Plus less evil is the price. At least they aren’t charging hundreds of dollars for their proposed wonder drug. But they probably set the price at point where many women won’t bother returning it. Embarrassment is a powerful demotivator and many women wouldn’t want to admit that they are trying to grow their breasts with a pill, and worse yet that they weren’t successful.

You should realize that companies like Breast Gain Plus exist in all markets. Wherever there’s a strong demand for a product that doesn’t exist, there will always be a company that markets a shoddy product to fill that void. Maybe one day a pharmaceutical company like Pfizer will release a drug that produces real, long-term results without effecting female hormones to do so. Probably not, but it could happen. Until then we’re left with companies like Breast Gain Plus who market products like Breast Actives with the most chintzy label ever made and with sawdust packed into pill form as the product.

There’s no incentive for a company to spend millions of dollars on research and development to come up with a real product when they can just buy herbs in bulk and compress them into the shape of a pill, or come up with a lotion and call it breast enlargement medication. It’s far easier than maintaining the laboratory, paying the scientists and researchers, and spending years waiting for FDA approval. But the consumer gets the short end of the deal. They get an inferior product, with no regulating body to attest to its safety. It’s best not to ingest anything in pill form from an unknown and unverified source.

As long as they keep their product on the market, we’ll continue to bash it, so if you’d like to stay current on all of the latest Breast Gain Plus criticisms there are several ways to go about it. You can follow our Twitter tweets, you can like our Facebook page, you can add our RSS feed to your favorite reader, or you can join our mailing list from our contact page.

This page functions best as a social community of women that have either tried Breast Actives by Breast Gain Plus or are thinking about it. We’ll get to the bottom of any claims made of its effectiveness to make sure it’s not just a shill of Breast Gain Plus, unlike Amazon that doesn’t research any of its reviews. Also, if you have any questions about Breast Gain Plus the company, or Breast Actives the product, you can ask them here, and one of our staff will give you an answer same day. You can also feel free to sound off on the breast enhancement industry itself, and say whether you believe these companies are legit or not. This will help provide a well-balanced discussion on Breast Gain Plus.

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