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In the search for the best breast enlarger on the market you’ll be met with many different options. There are pills, creams, ointments, tablets, oils, special bras, and more, all clamoring for your attention and attempting to get you to buy them. But do any of them work? And if they do, do they produce any unwanted side effects or long-term damage to the body? These are questions that any rational woman should ask herself before taking anything internally for the sake of beauty. We will look at the different forms of breast enlarger available today and try to discover if there are any that should be used.

Is There a Breast Enlarger That Works?

The first and possibly most popular breast enlarger is one that is all-natural and can be taken in pill form or rubbed on as a cream. The first thing to consider is the claim of being all-natural. Many companies use this as a ploy to try to sell their wares to consumers that are looking for products that don’t contain chemicals or other artificial ingredients. Let’s assume just for a moment that the products being advertised as all-natural actually do contain all natural ingredients and materials, and this is a big assumption. Even though an ingredient comes from the earth or is found naturally doesn’t mean it’s intrinsically safe for the body. Poison Ivy is all natural. And while these companies aren’t putting things in their breast enlarger that cause such averse reactions immediately, they are putting in ingredients that are heavily concentrated and obscure and rarely put in the body.

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OMG, isn't there a better breast enlarger than this???

When you introduce new substances into the body through a breast enlarger you never know exactly what’s going to happen or how it’s going to respond. You also can’t be sure that what effect it’s going to have on you 2 or 3 years down the road. The companies that produce these types of products are not engaged in long term testing, and don’t invest in research and development, so you’re really placing a lot of trust in them and hoping they have your best interests at heart. They don’t.

You are the one that has the final say on what goes in your body in regards to breast enlarger, and while the desire for a larger chest can be all-consuming, you have to draw the lines at what you’ll do in the name of beauty.

You can’t trust what’s out there as far as testimonials and reviews. Almost all of them are from people that are affiliated by the company or paid for by the company for a positive review. One sad trend online is that most review sites are merely affiliate pages that are giving bogus reviews and rankings in a hope that you’ll click the link for the top-ranked breast enlarger and buy it so they get paid.

You won’t find a single affiliate link at this site because we don’t recommend taking any breast enlarger. We suggest breast exercises for those looking for a small improvement, and surgery for those that need drastic help. These are the only two methods that produce tried and true results with the least amount of side effects, and the most long-term study and research.

We are not closed to the idea that there could be a product out there that produces good results. It is possible to manipulate the female body to produce milk when not pregnant, which will in fact increase the size of the breasts as they engorge with unneeded milk. This is more akin to a parlor trick than a valid breast enlarger that all women should take in order to increase their size.

When we find a breast enlarger that actually increases breasts without toying around with Mother Nature or altering hormones we will give it our recommendation, and we still won’t be using any affiliate links. That’s because we are an unbiased source of information for you. Our visitors are always are main priority. We will never mislead you or provide you with information that is motivated by money or greed. In matters of health we believe there should always be a source of information you can turn to that is not effected by profit motive alone.

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