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Getting quality breast enlargement supplements sounds like a good idea in theory. In reality it’s a rocky road that almost always leads to disappointment.

Breast Enlargement Supplements: The Truth

The truth is that taking breast enlargement supplements is not only a bad idea, it could be dangerous. Many times the herbs that are used in these supplements are packed into high concentrations and extracts. While the herbs may be all natural because they’re basically plants and materials from the earth, when they’re consumed in these high concentrations they start to effect the body in unusual ways. Some people are allergic to these herbs and wouldn’t even know it because they’re so uncommon. It’s not every day that you introduce items like blessed thistle and dong quai into the body. On top of that the recommended dosage is to take it daily.

When you continuously bombard the body with high concentrations of unusual herbs who knows what could happen. Studies aren’t done on these breast enlargement supplements, so you’re truly rolling the dice and taking unnecessary risks with your body.

The lure of taking breast enlargement supplements is easy to understand. Women who are unhappy with their chest size only have a handful of options. They may want larger breasts but cannot afford the cost of breast implant surgery. Or perhaps they don’t want to go through the painful recovery process. These can be very legitimate reasons to want to search for alternatives to surgery. The next logical step would be to find a topical cream or a pill to take that will grow breasts. But in this case logic doesn’t help because there’s currently no product that can live up to the wild claims made by some breast enlargement supplements companies.

Saying that you can expect to see an increase of one cup size by rubbing a lotion onto your breasts or ingesting other breast enlargement supplements is a pretty hefty claim. The amount of tissue that would need to be generated would require a rather impressive feat indeed. These herbs usually involve tinkering with feminine hormones in order to mimic the effects that pregnancy and lactation have on the breasts. While you may experience some sort of results, you first have to overcome the placebo effect, and would next have to take detailed measurements to be sure they are doing anything at all.

The other kicker is that once you stop taking the breast enlargement supplements you’ll have to say goodbye to any results you’ve seen. Once your body rids itself of the buildup of herbs that are causing the effects it will calibrate its hormones and your breasts will return to their natural state. You should never have it in your mind to take any pill for the rest of your life, whether it be over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs or herbal supplements.

Perhaps one day a product that works will hit the market. Until then we’ll be here to dispel any myths out there that breast enlargement supplements are a viable option for women seeking a larger chest size. Since there is strong demand for this sort of product, you can be sure that there are pharmaceutical companies working hard to bring it to you.

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